D.T.T.V. Thibats
De Drienerlose Tafeltennis Vereniging voor studenten
Welkom op de website van de studenten tafeltennisvereniging van Enschede: de Drienerlose Tafeltennisvereniging Thibats. Gevestigd in het Sportcentrum van de Universiteit Twente slaat Thibats al meer dan vijftig jaar haar tegenstanders van de tafel. En dat terwijl er niet alleen aandacht wordt besteed aan tafeltennis, want Thibats is tevens een gezellige vereniging waarbij vele activiteiten worden georganiseerd door en voor leden, zoals bowling, een weekendje weg, spelletjesavond, of iets nieuws dat door de activiteitencommissie wordt bedacht.

Naast al deze activiteiten binnen de vereniging doet Thibats met teams op verschillende niveaus mee aan de NTTB-competitie in regio Oost. Daarnaast wordt er door Thibats elk jaar het (Internationale) Moekotte Meerkamp toernooi georganiseerd. Gedurende de rest van het jaar nemen leden van Thibats deel aan andere toernooien door heel Nederland, veelal georganiseerd door andere studentenverenigingen.

Lijkt het jou leuk om goed te kunnen tafeltennissen? Ga dan snel naar de pagina Lid worden en meld je vandaag nog aan!
Laatste nieuws
Data Thibats Introductie Trainingen 3 September 2019

Beste (potentiële) leden, 

Maandag 9 september is de eerste introductietraining van Thibats. Deze introductie vindt plaats van 20:00-22:00 en is de aangewezen kans om met tafeltennis in aanraking te komen. De training wordt gehouden in het Sportcentrum van de Universiteit Twente in Sportzaal 6. Tafeltennis batjes en ballen zijn aanwezig, dus het is niet nodig al een eigen batje te hebben. Dinsdag 10 september is de tweede introdcutietraining, opnieuw van 20:00-22:00 in Sportzaal 6. 

Mocht je komende week niet beschikbaar zijn om aan de introductietraining deel te nemen is er een week later nog een kans. Wederom zijn de trainingen in sportzaal 6 van 20:00-22:00 op de volgende data: maandag 16 september en dinsdag 17 september. 

We hopen je te zien tijdens een van deze introdcutie trainingen. 

Het bestuur van Thibats 

Voor verdere vragen kun je contact opnemen met het bestuur via (bestuur@thibats.nl) of door een berichtje op onze Facebookpagina achter te laten. 

Thibats 1 champions! 28 April 2019

In the final match of the season team 1 secured the title by winning 0-10 against competitor and number 2 de Brug. The formation of Sander playing X, Trung Y and Derek on Z resulted in a 3-0 lead. In the doubles Trung and Derek won the deciding fifth set, after which Sander secured the championship by winning his second single of the day. After receiving the congratulations (and beer) from the opponents and from the supporters (and champagne) from Thibats the match was played out. Although some matches were close, the results was a 0-10 vicotory (although 4 matches needed a deciding 5th set). 

De Brug 2 - Thibats 1: 0-10
Sander 3, Trung 3, Derek 3, Trung/Derek 1. 

Final results promotion class group A:
Thibats 1: 10-73
De Brug 2: 10-61
Swift (D) 3: 10-53
Blauw-Wit 2: 10-50
Effekt '74 2: 10-46
Vitesse '35 1: 10-17

Individual results:
Sander: 18/21 = 86%
Xin: 15/18 = 83%
Trung: 14/18 = 78%
Derek: 14/18 = 78%
Martijn: 4/15 = 27%

Board Interest Drink 6th of March 28 February 2019

Dear Members,


The second half of the academic year just started, however, we want to ensure that Thibats has a good future looking forward to the academic year 2019-2020


Therefore we want to invite you to our board interest drink on Wednesday, the 6th of March. We wanna play some pool and answer any questions you might have. Playing pool is free and a drink as well!

Joining this event does not obligate you in any way to become a board member. It is a gathering to share what being a board member is about and of course we want to check whether you are also able to play pool! 

In the following I will explain a couple of things more in detail:

At the end of the college year the board year of Thibats for 2018-2019
is already finished. The board is currently looking for succession by
Thibats members. There are many different pros for joining the board:
first of all you take care of everything that happens within our
association and without the board, Thibats could not move on.
Furthermore, you learn a lot of new things like how the collection of
debts is working and how the administration for competition matches is
going. Also you get in contact with board members from other sports
associations at the campus, board members of other table tennis
associations in the Netherlands and with the Sportkoepel, the Sports
Centre and the trainer. Finally, a board year is good for your CV and
there is a small financial compensation available for your voluntary

In the board of Thibats there are at least 3 members, which fulfill the following duties:

-          Chairman 

-          Secretary
-          Treasurer & Material committee
-          Competition secretary

-          Bar commissioner

-          Materials

If you are interested to participate in the Thibats board, we invite
you to join us at a board interest event. We will be going to play
pool on the 6th of March, 8:00PM at the Snooker & Pool Center
Enschede. Come and join us if you have any questions about the board.(
joining does not mean you are joining the board directly, you can just
join for fun and a free beer!)

Given that there are enough members interested in joining the board,
there will be formed a candidate board in May-June. The candidate board
will discuss the allocation of duties. If they have solved this, the
members of the candidate board will be prepared for their tasks by the
former chairman, secretary and treasurer.

During the yearly meeting (GM) you will be charged as a board member
of Thibats. This meeting will probably take place in June, but
guaranteed before the summer holidays.


Being a Thibats member is more than a mere participation in the training. Without active members, our board and our committees TEK, TC, Baco, WWW, CMC and CoTW would never be able to work as they do since plenty of years. In fact, the board of the next year will follow a long tradition and will be the 55th board of DTTV Thibats. This also means that we will have the Lustrum next academic year which means: Extra fun! 
In addition, being a board member also means to be monetary compensated for the work!

Would you like to know more about the different board tasks or discuss
weather a board position would be suited for you? Please don’t hesitate to ask Hans, Charly, or me about questions that come to your mind
member of Thibats.


When? 6th of March
What? Board interest drink and playing pool
Where? Snooker & Pool Center

On behalf of the board

Valentin Sigle
Secretary D.T.T.V. Thibats