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Match report Thibats 1 - Swift (D) 3 12 February 2019

Hey everyone! 

After the 6-4 victory against Effekt last week, last Friday Thibats 1 faced Swift (D) 3 from Deventer. Last week Swift lost 10-0 to De Brug, so Thibats 1 was hoping to get a big win over Swift as well. This however, was not going to be easy, because the best player of Swift, Leon, did not play last week and was playing this week. Thibats 1 was playing with Martijn, Sander & Xin. Swift was playing with Jeffrey, Leon & Mees.

Sander started the match against Leon and this matchup turned out to be a difficult one for Sander. Despite playing well, Sander could not manage to exert enough pressure on Leon. Hence why Leon won 1-3. Next up was Xin and Mees. Mees, a young player of 16, was blasted away by the fast playing style of Xin: 11-1. Xin continued the form from the first game and won the match 3-0.  Thirdly, Martijn was playing against Jeffrey, a difficult player with pimples on his backhand. Martijn had a lot of trouble with his own topspin and on top of that the pimples of Jeffrey did not ease the spinning of Martijn. Despite that Martijn grew in the match, he lost 0-3

Because last week Sander and Xin played doubles and lost 3-0, they wanted to play doubles again to get revenge. After winning the first game 13-11 with a bit of luck, the rest of match was in control of the two thibatans: they won 3-0. After the doubles the score was 2-2. The fifth matchup was Xin and Leon. Xin also had a lot of trouble against Leon, because Leon returns almost every ball. Because of this Xin needed to take more risk in his playing game, which resulted in just too much mistakes. Xin lost 1-3 to Leon.

The sixth match was between Sander and Jeffrey. In difficult first game, with 5 game points for Jeffrey, Sander used his first game point to secure the game 15-13. After this game Sander was in full control of the pimples of Jeffrey and won relatively easy in 3-0. Next up was Martijn and Mees. Just as in the first match, Martijn struggled a lot with his own attacking in the first two games. The third game gave hope because Martijn came back in the match. Unfortunately the fourth game Mees played very well and won the match 1-3. After 7 matches Thibats 1 was down 3-4.

After Martijn and Mees, Xin and Jeffrey had to play. Xin’s difficulties against pimples came up in the first game. Luckily Xin won the first game 12-10. After winning the first game, Xin secured the victory fairly easy in 3-0. The ninth match was between Martijn and Leon. Martijn played his best match of the day, unfortunately he played this match against the strong player Leon. In all three games Leon came out as the winner, meaning a 0-3 loss for Martijn. The last match was between Sander and youngster Mees. Sander had to win in order to secure a draw. In a difficult match the score went to 1-1 and Mees having the best playing. Luckily Sander could made use of the inexperience of Mees and turn around the match, winning 3-1. The final score was 5-5, which was a correct result, considering the course of the match. A downside to this result was another 10-0 victory for De Brug. Thibats 1 becoming champion is becoming nearly impossible if De Brug continues this form.

Thibats 1 – Swift (D) 3: 5-5
Sander 2, Xin 2, Martijn 0.

Results promotion class, group A:
De Brug 2: 2-20
Blauw-wit 2: 2-12
Thibats 1: 2-11
Effekt '74 2: 2-8
Swidt (D): 2-5
Vitesse '35 1: 2-4

Next friday, there will be no match. Friday 22 February Thibats 1 will play away against the number 2, Blauw-wit 2.

Match report Effekt '74 2- Thibats 1 3 February 2019

Happy new year everyone! 

It seems like a lot of people have missed us writing the match reports in the last half year, so we are getting back to it. About the last match of previous season: there was not much to say really. We got defeated by Blauw Wit in a chanceless match with 10-0. There wasn't any hopes for staying the the class either way, so it didn't really come as a surprise that we have to play one division lower this season. 

Last friday the competition started off against Effekt. Since it was the last day of the exam weeks, everyone from thibats was pretty exhausted before the match already. Thibats 1 consists of 5 players this year; Xin, Tiago, Derek, Sander and Martijn. For Sander it is the first time that he is playing competition with Thibats, Xin has played the previous season as well and the rest are the familiar faces of the team for the last couple of years. 

This friday, Xin, Sander and Derek played against Effekt with Mirko, Ashwin and Gabriel. Xin started the match against Ashwin and it became a true thriller. Where xin was winnen the first set comfortably, the second set got very close. It was Ashwin who won the very long game with a 19-17 score. Xin didn't recover until the fourth game, where he was helped a lot by some lucky points. With a 13-15 game he managed to force a deciding set. In this set he was the first player to get to the 10 points, but for the third time this match the players went into extra time. After a match that took over 40 minutes, it was Ashwin who walked away with a 13-11 victory. 

Next, Derek played against Gabriel. He won the first set very comfortably, despite having some trouble with returning the serves. This got even worse in the second set which he lost. The thrid and fourth game went to the Thibats player comfortably, equalizing the score to 1-1. In the first match of Sander he could not secure a very big lead in the first game against Mirko. He recovered by winning the second set closely with 10-12. Then, Mirko started taking more initiative in the rallies, which resulted in a 3-1 loss for Sander in his first thibats match. 

After some troubles deciding who was playing doubles (normally Trung is there for this), Sander and Xin stepped into the arena. In a lot of rallies they were either too late or they made unforced errors, resulting in a 3-0 loss. The match might have went a little different if the Thibats duo managed to take advantage of their game points in the first set. 

After the doubles Xin did not play around, and beat Gabriel convincingly with 3-0. Sander seemed to follow this example by playing brilliantly against Ashwin. In the first 2 sets he only allowed his opponent to make 7 points in total, and in the third game Sander took a 10-6 lead. However, somehow Sander managed to loss this game. He showed great mental strength by winning the fourth game with 3-11, in a match in which he played confident as well. In the seventh match Derek played more against himself than against his opponent, which started with a 2-0 down in games. Playing one good game wasn't enough to secure the victory, so Thibats was 4-3 down after 7 matches. 

In the final round of matches the Thibats players all stepped up their game. Sander contined his form of the second match and won with a very quick 3-0 match against Gabriel. Xin, who showed some trouble playing against pimples historically, played one of his best matches in the Thibats shirt (figuratively speaking...) and dominated the rallies against Mirko. Most important was the second game, which Xin won with 13-15. At 10-5 in the fourth game Xin took a timeout since he was not feeling to confident about making the final point, but in the end he secured the fifth point for Thibats. Derek finished the match in style by beating Ashwin with 3-0. Especially the second set was very good. In the previous 3 times they have played, Derek was outreached by the long arms of his opponent, but this time around the tactics payed off. After being 3-1 down, a 4-6 victory is a great result. 

Effekt '74 2 - Thibats 1: 4-6
Sander 2, Xin 2, Derek 2. 

Results promotion class, group A:
De Brug 2: 1-10
Blauw-wit 2: 1-6
Thibats 1: 1-6
Effekt '74 2: 1-4
Vitesse '35 1: 1-4
Swift (D) 3: 1-0

Next friday, Thibats 1 will play their first home match of the 2019 season against Swift. 


Match report Thibats 1 - Kampenion 3 26 November 2018

Previous friday was our final home match this competition, home against Kampenion. Xin, Tiago and Martijn were supposed to play, but on our way to the sports centre Martijn had a biking accident and needed to go to the hospital. Derek biked with him and went to the match after. Fortunate for Martijn he could keep all his fingers, but unfortuneatly it needed to be stiched and plastered. 

The match against Kampenion went really well. By the time Derek got there, Xin won in 3 close games against Bas,Tiago suprisingly beat Gerben with 3-1 and Xin also won against Gertjan. Tiago and Derek won the doubles very convincingly with 3-0, which was excellent despite never having played against each other. After the doubles Derek got lucky for the first time this season, winning with 14-12 in the 5th game with a net ball despite being 2-0 down. 

An unknown luxury this season, being 5-0 up. The remaining matches were a bit closer. Gerben got his revanche by beating Xin with 3-1 with a lucky final point, Tiago lost with 1-3 against Bas, and Derek was very close to beating Bas, but lost 2-3 as well. Then Tiago played his final match in the Netherlands, agianst Gertjan. He played very well in the first part of the match and got 2-0 up and two match points. He couldn't convert any of them and Gertjan got back into the game. In the 5th set it was Tiago who brought the point home. Derek had less trouble with Gertjan and won easily with 3-0. 

Thibats 1 - Kampenion 3: 7-3
Xin 2, Tiago 2, Derek 2, Tiago/Derek 2. 

Standings Hoofdklasse, Poule A:
Blauw-Wit 1: 9-62
Effekt '74 1:  9-50
DTS 1: 9-43
Kampenion 3: 9-41
Tafetlennis Zwolle 2: 9-40
Thibats 1: 9-34

Theoretically Thibats has a small chance to escape from the last place, but with an away match against champions Blauw-Wit schedueled this will become very difficult. Next friday is the final match of the season, while Thibats 2 has their championship match at home, also against Blauw Wit. 


Match report Thibats 1 - Effekt 74 23 November 2018

Last week team 1 played a home match against Effekt 1. Since there was not really much left to play for, Effekt didn't show up with their strongest team, but Gert-Jan, Rick and Peter were able to take a 4-6 win after a very tense match.

Big man on the side of Thibats was Xin, who managed to beat all his opponents. Against Gert-Jan he had to go all the way, and came back from a deficitit in the fifth game to win with 11-9. Derek only could add 1 win to that, beating Peter easily with 3-0. Against Gert-Jan he should have won, got a match point, but in the end lost with 14-12 in the fifth game. Against Rick he again lost in a close match, this time with 13-11 in the fourth game. It wasn't Tiago his day, since he could only manage to win 1 game during the singles. In the doubles Tiago and Xin couldn't finish the game, despite being 2-1 up and reaching the 10 points in the fourth game.

Similary to the rest of the season, the close matches in 5 games didn't come our way and we where left with the feeling that we deserved a bit more than we got. In the next match we will again play at home against Kampenion. Only a very large win can bring us back in this group, since we are 11 points down on them. Despite our final match being against champions to be Blauw-Wit we will do our best to win some points. 

Standings Hoofdklasse, Group A: 
Blauw-Wit 1: 8-57
Effekt '74 1: 8-45
DTS 1: 8-39
Kampenion 3: 8-38
Tafeltennis Zwolle: 8-34
Thibats 1: 8-27


Match report Tafeltennis Zwolle 2 - Thibats 1 6 November 2018

Last friday, team 1 played their fourth away match of the season against Tafeltennis Zwolle 2. The teams were both tied at the 5th place of the competition, so a good result was required. Unfortuneatly Trung was not able to play, so Thibats played with Xin, Martijn and Derek. Zwolle played with Roy, Stefan and Corne, thus with two very difficult material players. 

About the match we can be rather short. All of the Thibats had great difficulties with the game of Stefan and Corne. Only Xin was able to get an easy 3-0 victory against Corne, all the other 5 matches were lost. Against Roy, Derek and Xin were able to make a nice match out of it. Xin won with 3-1, and Derek lost with 11-9 in the 5th game. The double of Xin and Derek wasn't looking great, and got lost with 3-1 as well. In total a very disappointing 8-2 victory and deregulation from the Hoofdklasse as a result. 

Tafeltennis Zwolle 2- Thibats 1: 8-2
Xin 2, Derek 0, Martijn 0, Xin/Derek 0. 

Hoofdklasse, poule A:
Blauw Wit: 7-50
Effekt '74: 7-39
DTS: 7-36
Kampenion: 7-33
Tafeltennis Zwolle: 7-29
Thibats: 7-23


Moekotte toernooi 2018 28 October 2018

Hoi Thibats.

Nog bedankt voor het organiseren van het geslaagde toernooi.

We hebben genoten van een goed georgisneerd toernooi. Gevulde zaal, goed gevuld speelschema en alle deelnemers op het laatst nog op de tribune bij de finales.

En bovenal gezelligheid troef tussen deelnemers en organisatie.

We hadden bij Hatac een live-blog rapportage via onze groepsapp. We gaan dus voor een volle bus Hataccers voor de volgende editie.

Tot volgend jaar,

Leo de Jong (ttv. Hatac)

Match report DTS 1 - Thibats 1 21 October 2018

After a close 4-6 loss last week, team 1 immedeatly got te chance to take revanche against the opponents of this week, DTS. Last time Xin, Trung and Martijn played, and this time Xin was substituted for Derek. DTS was playing with the regular 3; Pepijn, Stefan and Desney. 

Trung started off against Pepijn, and played very well in the first 2 games. He won those comfortably, but then Pepijn started to get more grip in the match, resulting in another comeback and a loss in the fifth set this season. Derek started awful on his new shoes against Stefan, and only made 4 points in the first two games. Then he started playing more defensively and made the reverse comback again. On 9-10 he survived one match point and won a bit fortunate with 12-10 in the fifth. Martijn struggled against Desney, who is simply to fast and couldn't win any game. The doubles was for Trung and Derek in a very close game against Desney and Pepijn. Thibats took a 1-0 and 2-1 lead and got one match point in the fourth set. Unfortuneatly this couldn't be finished, and as you can imagine reading from this season the fifth set resulted in a loss. 

After the doubles Trung lost quite unexpectedly against a good playing Stefan with 1-3. Things started to become really tough when Pepijn had an easy victory over Martijn and Derek lost in a close match to Desney. Martijn then won his first set of the day with a fantastic ball at gamepoint, but couldn't manage to win more than one set agains Stefan. Thibats was down 7-1, which could have easily been 4-3.

It looks like things just aren't going our way. In the final matches the Thibats players did very well. Trung managed to secure a back to back win against Desney with a 3-1 victory and a well playing Derek played the best game of this season against Pepijn which also resulted in a 3-1 victory.

The overall 7-3 loss was avoidable, and since the unexpected results in the match between Kampen and Effekt, things are now looking pretty difficult in the group. Most likely the race to stay in this division will be between Thibats and Tafeltennis Zwolle. The final 4 matches will decide who remains in the highest regional division. 

Standings Hoofdklasse, poule A:
Blauw Wit: 6-42
Effekt: 6-35
Kampenion: 6-31
DTS: 6-30
Tafeltennis Zwolle: 6-21
Thibats: 6-21


Match report Thibats 1 - Blauw Wit 1 8 October 2018

Last friday Thibats 1 received one of the strongest teams in the poule, Blauw Wit 1 at home. For Thibats were playing Xin, Tiago and Derek where Blauw Wit played with the regulars Jos, Raymond and Erik. 

Derek started of the match against Jos, where he got close every game but couldn't secure a game. Next was Xin who blew away the so far undefeated Raymond with an amazing 3-0 victory. His opponent was left with only 14 points in the whole match. Next was Tiago who continued his good form of the past weeks against Erik. He again got back into a match after being 0-2 in games down. In the fifth set he took a whopping 9-0 lead and won the match with 11-2. Next, Xin and Derek played doubles for the first time ever, which resulted in a very close 11-9 vicotry in the 5th set against Jos/Raymond, causing an unexpected but very pleasant 3-1 lead for Thibats. 

After the doubles things went a bit in the other direction. Xin had no answer to the pimples of Jos, with a 0-3 loss as a result. Erik played very well against Derek and won the first game with ease. The next three games were very close, but it was Erik who took the win with 9-11 in the 4th set. For Derek his season couldn't have started worse. Tiago was again very close to causing a major upset, by getting 2-1 up against Raymond. In the last game Raymond played very passive, and Tiago made just a few mistake to win his second match of the day. The last 3 matches were all pretty fast. Xin won convincingly with 3-0 against Erik, Tiago lost with the same numbers against Jos and although Derek won the first game against Raymond the other games were not close at all. This resulted in a 4-6 results against the champion or runner up, which can be considered as a very good result this season. 

Thibats 1 - Blauw Wit 1: 4-6 
Xin 2, Tiago 1, Derek 0, Xin/Derek: 1

Results Hoofdklasse, poule A: 
Effekt: 4-27
Blauw Wit: 4-26
Kampenion: 4-19
DTS: 4-17
Tafeltennis Zwolle: 4-17
Thibats 1: 4-14

In the next round Thibats is playing DTS while the other concurrents Zwolle and Kampenion are playing the two strongest teams. Let's hope that we get to the rest of the pack after the next week. 

Match report Kampenion 3 - Thibats 1 30 September 2018

This friday the third round of the autumn competition was scheduled. This time another away match, this time to Kampenion in Kampen. Luckily for Thibats the travelling got a bit easier with a car as transport. After having dinner together, Trung, Tiago and Derek spent over an our reaching our destination of tonight. Our opponents of Kampen had set a good result agains Zwolle, and were therefore 5 points above us in the ranking. For Kampen the players this night were Gertjan, Bas and Ralph. 

After a match that lasted almost 5 hours the final score of 5-5 was reached. In the first match Trung pulled back from a 0-2 score in games behind against Gertjan, and was able to secure the first point. The second match was exactly the opposite, where Derek could not finish a 2-0 lead against Bas and he lost the match in 5 games. Tiago against Ralph was also a very close match. Similar like a scenario in the first two matches, Tiago pulled back from 2-0 behind and managed to get to the fifth set. Unfortuneatly Tiago couldn't proceed to win this game, so the score before the doubles was 1-2 after having played the maximum of 15 games. 

For the first time this season Trung and Derek formed the double. Against Gertjan and Bas they lost the first set making all the errors with 1-11. After that there followed 3 close games, were they stayed on the right side of the score in all three games. This resulted in a 3-1 victory and the first doubles victory this season. After the doubles the close matches remained. This time it was Trung against Bas, who again mangaged to pull back from a 2-0 defecit to an equal score and thus forced a final game. Similar to Bas his first game he also took a quick lead and won this match. It took 6 matches tonight to find a game that wasn't too close. It was Gertjan who beat Tiago in straight sets, although Tiago had his opportunites. The third set was lost by 16-18 so there could have been even more games. In the next match it was Derek who won his first game this season against Ralph with 3-1 winning the last set with a close 12-10. 

In the last series of matches was the biggest upset of the day, where Tiago played brilliantly against the difficult Bas. For the 5th time tonight a final game had to decide the winner of the match. In the final set Tiago was absolutely on fire and could also manage to win his first game of the season. Trung against Ralph was also pretty close, and in this match Trung stepped up his forehand level, which caused a 3-1 victory. In the last and most boring match of the evening, Derek missed some opportunities against Gertjan and lost the first set with 13-15. He made the score equal in the second set but lost the last two close games, which resulted in a draw of 5-5. 

In total an astonishing amount of 44 games have been played tonight, and most of the matches were really close. The 44 games have been divided equally as well, which makes this result probably the most deserved as well. 

Kampenion 3 - Thibats 1: 5-5
Trung 2, Tiago 1, Derek 1, Trung/Derek 1

Standings Hoofdklasse, poule A:
Effekt 74' 1: 3-21
Blauw-Wit 1: 3-20
Kampenion 3: 3-15
Tafeltennis Zwolle 2: 3-13
DTS 1: 3-11
Thibats: 3-10

Next week is a home match against one of the two strongest teams in this competition, Blauw Wit. Any point is welcome in the battle against consolidation. 



Effekt 1 – Thibats 1 24 September 2018

Afgelopen vrijdag mocht het eerste van Thibats zijn eerste uitwedstrijd spelen. Hiervoor moest gereisd worden naar Wierden. Het thuis van de vereniging Effekt ’74. Vorige week moest Thibats 1 een zware nederlaag incasseren tegen Zwolle. Nu was het aan Trung, Tiago en Xin om zich te bewijzen. Dit mochten ze doen tegen Ramon, Lars en Peter. Xin was wat ziekjes, maar begon zijn dag sterk door tegen Peter te winnen. Trung verloor vervolgens tegen de kopman van Effekt, Ramon. Tiago mocht zijn eerste wedstrijd van het seizoen starten tegen Lars. De sets gingen gelijk op en Tiago en Lars waren gewaagd aan elkaar. Tiago had veel geluk aan zijn zijde, maar het kon hem helaas niet genoeg helpen. De uitslag was 15-13, 14-16, 11-9 en 11-2. Het dubbel werd ook verloren en de tussenstand was ondertussen 3-1. Xin was helaas niet fit en kon niet stunten tegen Ramon. Tiago vocht goed terug van een 2-0 achterstand tegen Peter, maar kon ook deze wedstrijd niet over de streep trekken. Trung speelde zeer wisselvallig. Mooie rally’s wisselden zich af met onnodige fouten. Dit was erg duidelijk tegen Lars en ook deze pot ging verloren. Het zag er somber uit voor de heren van Thibats. Een goed spelende Tiago bood goede strijd tegen de sterke Ramon Henning. Maar met 11-8 11-9 en 11-9 was het telkens iets tekort. Xin deed nog een verwoede poging om van Lars te winnen, maar de tank was leeg. Het was aan Trung om de verdubbellaar in te zetten en het tweede puntje binnen te slepen. En slepen was het. Vorig seizoen nog verslikte Trung zich in Peter, dus hij wist dat het een zware pot kon worden. De eerste set ging net aan naar Trung. De tweede ging met 11-7 verloren. Na de winst in de derde set van Trung was Peter gebroken en met 11-4 in de laatste set werd toch nog een stand van 8-2 behaald.

Effekt 1 – Thibats 1: 8-2

Trung 1, Xin 1, Tiago 0. Xin/Trung 0.

Met de vorm van de dag was er helaas niet meer uit te halen en de heren mogen zich voorbereiden op de volgende wedstrijd tegen Kampenion, uit in Kampen. Na twee wedstrijden staat Thibats 1 onderaan, maar het seizoen is nog lang.




Effekt '74 1



Blauw-Wit 1



Kampenion 3



Tafelten Zwolle 2






Thibats 1



Match report Thibats 1 - Tafeltennis Zwolle 2 17 September 2018

Previous weekend was the first round of the new competition, where Thibats 1 started with a home match against known opponents from Zwolle. For Thibats there were two familiar players in the team: Trung and Derek. The third player was Xin, who made his debute for team 1. Zwolle was playing with Stefan, Roy and Rene and before the match a draw or small victory was expected. However things turned around quite a bit. 

In the first match it was Trung against Stefan. It took a while before Trung reached his normal level, only from the end of the second game it became a real match. Unfortuneatly Trung couldn't win more than one game and Stefan got the victory. Xin played against Roy in a match on a high level. We were suprised by the progress Roy has made and Xin slowly started losing grip on the match. Fortuneatly he was able to sneak out a win in the 4th game. Then it was time for Derek, who met his angstgegner Rene who he should theoretically beat, but never does. Again today this was not the case. Although Derek had a 1-0 lead and forced Rene to play a fifth game, he again had to congratulate Rene. 

In the double Thibats tested with an unknown couple, Trung and Xin. In the first two games they made too many own mistakes, only after that it became a close match. The duo magaged to win the third set, but came just short in the 5th set. Right after the double Xin played again, this time to Stefan. The match was pretty intense and close and went all the way to the fifth set. In this set Xin made way to many unforced erros, and saw Stefan get away with the victory. Chances of a good result halfway were looking slim, but Trung played reasonably well against Rene and won quite clearly in 4 games. Derek could not follow this example, especially duo to missing an opportunity to get a 2 zero lead, but also due to Roy playing very well. A close loss in the 4th game was again a poor result. In the last matches, Xin played with Rene and got the easiest victory of the day, Derek lost to Stefan with 2-3 despite winning back to back games with 11-2 and 21-19. This was clearly not the best day Derek has had in Thibats 1. Trung was also surprised by the very good playing Roy, which resulted in a 0-3 and 3-7 loss. A pretty bad result, since the match was a bit more in balance than the score suggests. All matches that were decided in the maximum amount of games went to the opponents. 

Thibats 1 - Tafeltennis Zwolle 2: 3-7
Xin 2, Trung 1, Derek 0. Xin/Trung 0. 

The table below shows the results of the other matches in the group. Effekt and Blauw Wit are the strongest teams in this group and this already showed in the first week. We will try to do better in the next weeks! 

Hoofdklasse, poule A: 
Effekt '74 1: 1-8
Blauw Wit 1: 1-8
Tafeltennis Zwolle 2: 1-7
Thibats 1: 1-3
Kampenion 3: 1-2
DTS 1: 1-2 


Introductie trainingen 30 August 2018

Beste (aanstaande) Thibatsleden,

De data van de introductietrainingen zijn bekend! Op 10 en 11 september zullen deze trainingen plaatsvinden in sportzaal 4. Dit is het moment om onze trainer te ontmoeten en gezellig wat tafeltennis te spelen. Naast het serieuze trainen is er natuurlijk ook de mogelijkheid om huidige leden te ontmoeten en de gezelligheid van Thibats te ervaren. Na de training doen we uiteraard een drankje in de sportkantine, waar we jullie nog beter kunnen leren kennen!

We kijken er met de hele vereniging naar uit om jullie te ontmoeten tijdens de introductietrainingen! Tot 10 en 11 september!


Schrijf je nu in voor het Moekotte toernooi 2018 1 July 2018

De inschrijving voor het Moekotte toernooi 2018 van zaterdag 27 oktober 2018 wordt vandaag op 1-7-2018 om 10:00 geopend. 

Transfer news 11 June 2018

Thibats 1 is happy to announce that the selection for the next season has been completed. Next to the trio of Trung, Derek and Martijn our newest addition is Tiago!

Tiago has been playing for 3 seasons at Thibats in the second team and has an impressive record of 47 wins out of 60 games (78% winrate). The Brazilian player has substituted one time previous season in the first team where he played excellent and got 2 victories. It also has been a long time since an international student is playing for the first team, which is great for the association. We are looking forward to next season and hope to do our club proud! 

Report regional championships table tennis Zwolle 4 June 2018

On saturday the 26th of may the regional championships of table tennis organized by the NTTB was held in Zwolle. Just like every other year, a handfull of Thibatans took the train/car to Zwolle way to early in the morning to participate in this event. This year the participants were Trung, Charly, Rik, Nasso (former member) and Derek. Every year there are two tournaments: the singles and doubles. In the singles tournament Trung and Derek were participating in the C/D division. Nasso and Charly were participating in the F division and Rik in the G division. This year the organisation could not solve the organisational problems, and therefore decided to play most of the matches in best of three format, while still counting the performance for the ELO rating. This is not something a lot of participants were happy with. 

Results singles:

Trung: placement (3/5), result (2/5), quarter finals: lost 3-0. 
Derek: placement (3/5), result (3/5)
Rik: placement (9/9), result (9/9)
Charly: placement (7/8), result (2/5), 18th finals: lost 3-0. 
Nasso: placement (1/8), results (5/8)

Results doubles:
Trung/Derek: placement (2/7), results (2/7), semi finals: lost 3-0
Charly/Nasso: placement (3/6), results (3/6) 

In general, all players performed similar to expected. On the positive side was the outlier of Charly who managed to perform really well in the group stage and even managed to move out of the group! Nasso had a bit of a rough day in the group stage, since he didn't manage to pull through the group stage. For Rik the G division was defineatly too tough, since he didn't win any of his matches. In the highest division Trung and Derek performed like expected. Trung secured the second spot in the poule by beating Robin for the first time this season. Derek lost closely to Colin and Julian who were also the two grand finalists of the tournament. 

In the doubles Trung and Derek's performance was really different for each game. With a total score of 3 wins and 3 losses they still managed to secure the second spot. In the semi finals Robin and Julian were way too consistent and almost didn't make any mistakes. Nasso and Charly were a bit unlucky, because they came one place short of moving on to the knock out stage of the doubles tournament.